Randy Louis (badxhabits) wrote in thispain,
Randy Louis

You Shook Me all Night Long

Randy had just gotton high with some of his buddies. He could still taste the paper joint on his lips. He was still on the slight high but his friends had left to do something- Randy forgot what it was. But he was sitting on the couch with his muddy shoes on the center table leaning back totally zoned out and relaxed. He pushed his dark hair out of his eyes and smiled for no reason.

Some people walked by and stared at him but some how he didnt care. They either knew he was high or he had something hanging out of nose. And he highley doubted the second. He winked as the girls and smiled. It was a sunday and he was sitting there all alone in the afternoon. He was hungrey and his high seemed to be waring out. It wasnt much fun to be high as a kite all alone.

He pushed his dark hair out of his eyes and closed them and soon fell alseep. Sleeping while being high had quiet wierd dreams. He had a dream he was in the Special Olympics in the mile wheel chair event- it didnt make any scense at all. And why was his grandma blue and crying while she was clearly baking a cake in the stans. What the hell was going on. With his mouth open drool slightly coming out he continued to dream on....
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Aimee let her head fall into her hands. She sighed, exasperated. Her annoying twin sister, Allie, had just been lecturing her on the consequences of being around Randy too much.

"He's not a very good guy, Aimee. I mean, he's kind of dangerous and wild. And did you know he smokes? Really. Is that the kind of guy you want to be around?"

She rolled her eyes. Her sister was such a pain in the ass and had no fun at all ever.

"Allie. Shut up. It's my life...I can do whatever the hell I want."

Allie looked at her with mild disgust and pain in her face. Aimee brushed her hair out of her eyes, stood up, and walked out of their dormitory in which they were having the annoying conversation. She walked down the stairs and into the Common Room, and saw a familiar head sitting on a couch. She walked over towards him, smiled, and sat on the couch next to him.
Randy jumped awake in a jult from his dream as he felt the cusions pop next to him waking him up from his high, drooly sleep.

"Look out the Llama's on the loose!"

He looked around relizing he wasnt in his dream any more. That was good cause it was getting kinky. He looked and saw Aimee. Randy grinned and felt his face grow hot with embaressment. He looked away so she wouldnt see and wiped the drool off of his lip. He looked back at her and laughed at himself- sometimes it was good to just look at yourself and your actions and have a good chuckle.

Randy took a good look at Aimiee. She had a smile on but it looked like it was forced for some reason. He scooted closer to her and put his arm around her claiming her as a couple of guys walked by. He was still loose and floopy from the drugs but didnt care very much. Drugs were fun and ment to be taken for this reason.

"Whats up kid?"
Aimee eyed him suspiciously. He looked a little...high. It was hard to explain, but it was just the way he looked and how he was acting. Oh well...Whatever.

"Not much. Just chattin' with my sister. She was telling me how you were a horrible influence and how I shouldn't be around you."

She grinned. Did her sister really think she was going to stop seeing Randy just because she thought he was a bad influence on her? If anything, it was even more of a reasont to be around him. Aimee leaned in towards Randy and kissed him on the lips. She pulled away and smiled.

"But, as you can see, I didn't listen to her..."
"Good for you- i think your sister is crazy. But i think we are all crazy but just on difrent levels you know?"

He smiled and licked his lips feeling her lip gloss, something like apple, but he also tasted his weed. And his sences were going all over the place. She smelt like a million diffrent things that he couldnt feigure out. He rubbed his head with his hand closing his eyes as a short head ache came and went quickly. Randy was comming out of his high. How sad.
"I think so too...Well, about my sister being crazy and all."

He had definitely been on a high. She could smell it on him. She tasted it on his lips. Aimee didn't get it. Even when she had been high that one time, it had been great, but she didn't want to do it again. It had been easy and everything, but she didn't want to live her life like that. She grinned playfully and leaned in towards him.

"Have you been smoking...?"
He grinned at her and watched her lips as she talked.

"Smoking what? Thats what you should tell me- be more specific. Crack? Cigars? Cigaretts? Weed? what else is there..."

He smiled and watched her carfully out through his glazed over brown eyes.
She rolled her eyes and grinned.

"And now I see that I am right."

She grinned and brushed her hair backwards. He got so funny and strange when he was high...It was funny.
"Right about what? How sexy you are? Cause you fill me up butter-cup."

He smiled having no idea where that was comming from. He said that lamest, wierdest stuff when he was up on the joint. If he thought it in his head it just flew out of his lips before he could stop himself. He laughed at that word. Butter-cup.
She grinned and shook her head.

"Your funny when your like this, you know that?"

It was crazy. The affects of smoking on a person was strange. It made them act differently and strangely.
"Everything is funny all the time. Weather your handsome like me or not."

He grinned and started to trwil her blonde hair through his fingers. It was pretty and shiney. Two qualitys that Randy liked. He could smell it really good- something like apples. That made him hungrey. Randy shook his head and moved his hand out of her hair. He looked up as Allie stormed by giving him an evil eye he suspected she shared with her twin. He made a mental note to never piss Aimiee off like he did to Allie, only he didnt know what he do to piss off Allie. Banging her sister had to be at the top of the list for sure but still... he treated her good.

"So why is your sister crazy, dont like meh much does she?"
Aimee watched her sister storm through the dormitory. Allie glanced evily at Aimee, Aimee only smirked in a smart ass way. Allie rolled her eyes and slammed the door of the Common Room shut behind her. What Aimee didn't get was, why did Allie care so much who she dated anyways? It wasn't her life...Maybe she was just a crazy control freak who wanted to control everyone into being just like her. That would never happen. No one wanted to be boring and stuck up.

"Nope, not really...She thinks your a bad influence on me." Aimee grinned. "Oh, and she really doesn't like the smoking thing."
"Smoking? Smoking what?"

Randy grinned. It was common. He ushually brought out the bad side of people. But the dark side was so much funner than the stuck in the white box side. He winked at Alli left. He smiled and leaned in close to her ear, smelling her good, and whisperd. He couldnt help but ask... he was curious

"Is she on crack?"
"I seriously doubt it..."

Allie on crack? Yeah right. She was too uptight to do anything wild or crazy. Aimee highly doubted that she had ever even tried any sort of drug in her entire life.

"Allie isn't like that...She's too uptight. Too afraid of consequences and what not."

She moved in closer towards Randy and put her hand on his thigh. She moved her face closer towards his, then pulled away before she could kiss him, and smiled seductively. She was such a tease sometimes...Especially if she wanted to be.
His skin jumped at her touch. Why was he on the edge, he laughed as he forgot about the joint he had earler with his buds. Randy leaned in to kiss her back and cussed when she pulled away. He liked that she did that but than again he didnt. He knew what he wanted and he was pretty sure she knew it too. He bit his lip as he thought it over. He looked at her a little lost for words. He wanted to rip her clothing off and tap her right now- he dindt care who watched or who walked by jaw droped. They would get over it quickly.

"Your cruel, why dont you just show your bellie button and wig me outa my mind and then just leave? Your cruel enough..."

"I know..."

Aimee smiled seductively again and grinned. She moved closer in towards him, and began kissing him. She tasted the smoky taste in his mouth. It was familiar, and she liked it. She knew that there were probably a bunch of people watching her and Randy. It must be how they got their rocks, Aimee thought. Whatever. She didn't really care about all of the people that were watching her. The only thing she would worry about would be some stupid student who might snitch on them.
Randy smiled and kissed her back. He rapped his arms around her more bringing her closer wanting and taking what he wanted. Randy opened his dark eyes as he heard giggling. A few girls were across the room from them acting like they werent watching- but he knew they were. He knew there type- they wanted that kind of relationship. To feel the love that somebody had towards them, to feel special and unique. But it wouldnt happen most likely. They would feel the fakness- give it up and be dumped quickly. But that was life. Life was a homo, it allwasy gets you in the ass. He pulled away a little and bit her lip and nodded towards the girls unoticibly,

"We have an audience."
Aimee pulled away and looked up towards the girls who were watching her and Randy. They would giggle, then nervously glance away, trying to act as if they weren't watching, when it was obvious that they were. It was funny, actually. They couldn't get someone of their own, so they had to watch other people to enjoy themselves. Whatever.

"So, should we get out of here then?"
"Why? We cant let our fans down..."

He smiled and moved his hand up her tigh and pulled her in with the other and started to kiss her again more pashionitly and with more raw into it. Randy didnt care if the girls saw or not- it was just fun. Making out and knowing that it would most difinitly lead to more funner stuff. And knowing there were people watching- even better. He ran his hand up and down her leg slowly at first continuing to kiss her as it grew.
She grinned, pulling him closer towards her again. She didn't mind, she had just been wondering if he minded. It would actually make things kind of funny and interesting. Anyways, she didn't care about anything. She just wanted him. Right then and right there.

"Of course...Wouldn't want to do that."

She began kissing him again, and moved on top of him, pulling their bodies closer. She could hear the giggling suddenly stop, and she quickly glanced over towards the girls. They weren't giggling anymore, they were just staring, awestruck. She grinned and began kissing him again, pulling their bodies closer.
He gladly let her on him. What was he suppose to do? He warmth and breath fed him and he was out of his high- sadley- but glad he was going to be able to be in full controle for this. He put a hand on her rear feeling it out.

"You know how to nock em dead."

He whisperd closing his eyes and kissing her again as his hormones rushed around. Soon the blood would rush south if they kept this up at the pace they were going. That would be embarassing in front of the younger girls gatherd around that back table watching them. Randy put it out of his head trying not to think about it as he ran his hands up her sides feeling her warm flesh.
Aimee ran her hands over his body and moving her hands up his shirt. How far would this go? After all, there were other people in the room, and it was hard to stop. She didn't want to stop. She had already started, and she couldn't stop. Not now. She felt his hands move over her body, and felt that good down low feeling. She wanted more, but she didn't want to do anything much farther in front of these girls. But she couldn't stop, she wanted more...
Randy grinned and continued to kiss her. He wanted it more and more with each pasing lick and slurp that passed between them- and the giggles made him want it more. But he didnt want a detention and his parents to know. They were highly conservitive about things like this. They thought Randy was a little angel- how little they knew. Suddenly Randy groaned in pain and stoped what he was doing as he reached down low to his sack. Ouch. He took a breath after cussing loudly and looked back at Aimiee and forvced an awkeward smile.

"I think we should move- one your knee- its well jamed into my- uh- yeah. And second we could get in trouble..."
She pulled away from him and grinned. She rolled off him and glanced towards the girls. They seemed a bit disappointed that they had stopped. It was a good thing that Randy had stopped, though. Who knew how far it could have gone on the couch in the middle of the Common Room.

"Your right..." she said, quietly. "We can't do this here."

Aimee smiled and pushed her hair behind her ears.

"So, wanna move this some where else? More private...?"
He sat up and rubbed his genitals making sure they were still woking, they were still sore from the smack down they just had with Aimiee's knee. He finnaly stood up and winked towards the girls who than burst into heavy giggles and turned away. Randy smiled and turned his back to them facing Aimee. He didnt care- he was horney as hell and he could sence she was as well. What a great dame he had found.

"Whenever whereever."
"My thoughts exactly..."

She grinned, and grabbed him by the hand, pulling him off the couch. They walked around the couch, and past the girls. Aimee smiled and waved at them as her and Randy passed them. She led him up the stairs, down a corridor, and into her dormitory. Her dormitory would not be the most private place. After all, she shared the room with four othe girls, but it was likely that they wouldn't come back for awhile. But, Aimee wasn't really thinking that clearly now. She just wanted Randy. Right then and there.

As soon as they entered the room, Aimee began kissing him again. They moved towards her bed, and she pushed him down onto it, and moved herself on top of him. She pulled off her shirt then helped him with his. She felt as their bodies began to become hotter and more sweaty by the second. She ran her hands over his body, and began trying to get the buttons on her pants to come undone.
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