Randy Louis (badxhabits) wrote in thispain,
Randy Louis

You Shook Me all Night Long

Randy had just gotton high with some of his buddies. He could still taste the paper joint on his lips. He was still on the slight high but his friends had left to do something- Randy forgot what it was. But he was sitting on the couch with his muddy shoes on the center table leaning back totally zoned out and relaxed. He pushed his dark hair out of his eyes and smiled for no reason.

Some people walked by and stared at him but some how he didnt care. They either knew he was high or he had something hanging out of nose. And he highley doubted the second. He winked as the girls and smiled. It was a sunday and he was sitting there all alone in the afternoon. He was hungrey and his high seemed to be waring out. It wasnt much fun to be high as a kite all alone.

He pushed his dark hair out of his eyes and closed them and soon fell alseep. Sleeping while being high had quiet wierd dreams. He had a dream he was in the Special Olympics in the mile wheel chair event- it didnt make any scense at all. And why was his grandma blue and crying while she was clearly baking a cake in the stans. What the hell was going on. With his mouth open drool slightly coming out he continued to dream on....
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Randy was so turned on by her taking controle. He was hungry for it and her then and there as the electricity was rolling between the two of them. As they started to undress messily and kiss at the same time he grinned knowing what he wanted was soon gonna happen. Her touch brought on his needs as she ran her fingers over him. He tried to help her with her pants seeing her fumble and he pulled away from the kiss to see what he was doing with his own next.

"I like this side of you."

His pants and hers were down and they were out for the count. They didnt use a rubber but Randy didnt care. He never did- he knew enough spells to get what needed to be done taken care off if anything did come up. As it began with entrance it was what he wanted and her body fit well with his despite the size diffrent. It just clicked and worked. There breath worked togeather for each other pleasures and by now he knew how to push her buttons and what she liked and what needed to be done to here her moan loudest- and she with him. Drenched with sweat he watched her with the pashion and need.
Aimee bit her lip as he pushed harder into her. She ran her hands through his hair and over his body as it continued. He would often do unpredictable movements and she would moan loudly. It seemed as if everytime they had sex, it became rougher and more wild - and she liked it. A lot.

When it ended, she rolled of Randy and onto the sweat soaked sheets. She breathed heavily, feeling her chest rising up and down. She glanced over at Randy, and saw that he was breathing heavily just like her. She absentmindedly ran her hands through her hair, then leaned her head on her hand and faced Randy.

"I think that gets better everytime..."

He nodded and looked over the bed and grabbed his shirt and wiped his face and chest free of the sweat then tossed the shirt at her smiling. He did have to agree with her on it. Every time it got more and more raw and pashionit. It made him want to hope back on her when he cooled down a little just to see what the next time would be like. He bit his lip and turned on his side and looked at her running a finger up her bare side.

"So- think we should make this offical than?"

He didnt know how to put it more simple and to the point with out all the other mombo jumbo. Randy sertinly didnt want other people to touch her they way he did. He wanted her all to himself. He took his hand and started to suck on her finger watching her as he did during sex.
She smiled as he took her finger and began sucking on it. Just his touch turned her on...It made her want to jump his bone all over again. When he asked her about making them 'official', she couldn't help but smile. It was strange, because she had never actually had a relationship with a guy. It had always been one night stands or only physical relationships. But, she liked Randy, a lot. She didn't want to be with any other guys, and she didn't want him to be with any other girls...

"Yeah...I would like that..."

She smiled and leaned in close to him, and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"It's funny, you know? I've never really been in an actual relationship."
Randy licked his lips and was a little taken back by what she said next. He raised an eyebrow suprised and let the information obsorb in. How could sombody so sexy and beautifull not have guys crawling over he asking for dates. Randy had been in a handfull of relationships but they never lasted long. Just more physicall than anything else.

"Realy? I find it hard to beilive."

He let her hand drop and moved closer to and kissed her holding her head in his hand bringing her forward. He pulled away a little admiering her eyes. When she looked at him it felt like she was looking right through him and pierced him. He let his hand rest on her outer thigh and watched her with a short smile.

"Well, you allways remember your first."

It wasn't that hard to believe that she hadn't been any actual relationships. Everything had just been physical. A guy would ask her out, they would go out, they would have sex, and that would be about it. She would move onto the next guy and everything worked out fine.

"It's not that hard to believe...They've all just been physical relationships..."

She smiled as he leaned in and kissed her. She wanted to be in a relationship with him, and hopefully it would be more than just physical. However, the physical part was great, and Aimee definitely didn't want to give that up. They were good together. And it got better everytime...

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