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There's gotta be more to life

Allie sat in the common room with her arms crossed. A small bag was in one hand. She sat there staring at the common room entrance with a fuming look on her face. She pushed her hair out of her face. It was around 11pm. It seemed like she had been waiting there for hours. There were a few people still hanging out in the common room. Allie hoped that they would leave soon. She didn’t want to cause a big scene.

Allie waited for her sister to come into the common room. Who knows what crazy things her sister was doing now with her boyfriend Randy. To them, Allie seemed like a bitch. But Allie was just not the same as them. She had different interests and didn’t like any of the things they did. She was the opposite of her sister. She liked to be controlling, to follow the rules, and be smart. All the drugs and alcohol were too crazy and bad for her. In her mind, only people without a life would do them. What was the point of them?

But, as she sat in the common room it seemed as her sister was going the wrong direction. Allie uncrossed her arms and held the small bag in front of herself. Inside was a white powdery substance. Earlier that day, Allie found it in her sister’s nightstand. Maybe by some random mistake it was someone else’s. Or it was some harmless powder. Allie hoped so but there was still doubt inside of her. Of course, there was the thought that it could be Randy’s, but why would he leave it in her nightstand? And was Aimee using it?

Allie didn’t want to sound controlling (even though she was a bit). She just didn’t want anything bad to happen to her sister. Randy was bad enough. He was too much, really. He was dragging her into all of this. Aimee used to be a great student and a good friend to Allie. Aimee seemed to be slacking and was getting distant with Allie. Randy was having a big influence on her. He didn’t like Allie, so Aimee went along with that. Allie wished that things could get better.

There wasn’t much hope in that, though. Neither of them would listen to her, they thought she was too strict and was trying to control them. She just wanted Aimee to be safe. After all, Aimee was her twin sister.

The fire was slowly dying in the common room. There were fewer and fewer students talking and hanging around. They were all going up to bed. Allie waited on the couch. She sat with her legs crossed and the bag clenched in her fist. Her face now looked worried, but the anger still lurked inside her.
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