xandersonxtwinx (xandersonxtwinx) wrote in thispain,

It's Been A While

It had been a few weeks since the drug busting incident had happened. That one incident in time had caused some distance and avoidance between Aimee and her sister, Allie. Neither of them had talked to each other since that day, and Aimee was not thinking of making up with her sister anytime soon. She was so tired of her sisters goodie-two-shoes act. It was ridiculous. No one was that perfect or stuckup. She was just making herself look like a bitch in the process.

At least the incident hadn't cause any problems between her and Randy. Things had stayed basically the same between them. And, suprisingly, Randy hadn't asked any questions about why drugs were in her drawer. It was fine with her. She didn't really want to go into the story. It was stupid. She had just been holding them for a friend, and things blew up in her face. The friend later asked for the bag, but Aimee had already disposed of any incriminating evidence. Who knew if the teachers would come around searching for drugs? After all, Allie was known to be a tattle tail.

Aimee Anderson swept all of those thoughts out of her mind, breathed a sigh of relief, and smiled into the mirror which she was facing. She had just finished putting on her make up for the morning. It was one of those days where she actually felt like she looked good. One of those days that she wasn't worried if she had put on the right shades of eye shadow or if she was skinny enough. She felt good. Except for the fact that she had to go to class...That wasn't so fun. She pushed her blonde hair behind her right ear, with her right hand, grabbed her backpack, and headed off to Potions Class.
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