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Shreiking Shack Party

Randy sat down in an old orange couch drinking his warm beer. The couch was old and smelt of puke that was hosed down. And the seats were uncomfortably hard and impossible to get comfy in. But he wasn’t really caring. He took another long drink from the warm beer. It might taste better if it was cold. But it was cheep and warm. So is the kind of beer you get at the parties held in Hogwarts in the Shrieking Shack. It was old and cheep. But it was the best students could get while underage and broke on cash. They were lucky they could break into the Shrieking Shack and not be noticed with all the music.

He took another sip of the warm beer, it was his third. He had walked around for a while and danced with a few girls, but was to board with them. He had dated them and been around with them a few times. But he had lost amusement with them. He wanted somebody new that could actually hold his interest. He felt the tension leave as he took another drink.

He sighed as another loud rap song came on and the other people continued to dance. It was getting carried away as usual. People were half-dressed with the drugs and the alcohol in there system. The sweet poring off their faces and there bodies growing more physical than anything else. He had seen people having sex on the very couch where he was sitting- in front of everybody.

He adjusted his weight trying to get more comfortable in the bright stained orange couch. He watched as one of his friends Ja walked up the stairs holding a girls hand towards one of the empty bedroom. He knew what was going to happen up there. Their would be bumping and grinding and other things. There would be other couples up there too. He wondered if Ja’s girl was up on drugs or alcohol.

He smiled as he finished off his beer as he saw some people doing drugs on the other side of the room. They were sniffing crack on the other side of the room. They were smoothing out the pourderd crack and charging quite a bit for just one hit. It was a good way to make money, as long as you didn’t sniff it yourself. Than you just snorted your own product and made no money. He couldn’t help but smile at this. He wasn’t surprised in seeing the drugs. He wondered if the Teacher really knew about all the drugs. He knew they suspected the parties- but all the drugs? Probably not
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