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Shrieking Shack Party (#2)

Aimee grinned at Randy’s comment. Allie was totally having no fun at all. Anyone could see it. It was in her eyes and across her face. She just looked nervous and out of place at such a wild part. Maybe Aimee shouldn’t have dragged her to the party…Oh well, Allie needed to learn how to come out of her shell at one point or another. Maybe tonight would be the night. Get Allie a couple of drinks to loosen her up, and she would be all good. That probably wouldn’t happen though. Allie thought too much. She always thought about the consequences and the bad stuff that could happen from drinking and loosing control. Aimee wasn’t like that, though. Drinking and loosing control was all a part of her lifestyle. Not exactly the smartest thing to do, but she liked to.

“Yeah, come on sis…Loosen up.”

Her sister rolled her eyes and sighed, then said that she was going to go back to the castle and go to bed. Aimee waved goodbye, and felt bad about her sister having to walk back, in the dark, to the castle alone. It would haven given Aimee the creeps for sure. There was all sorts of scary stuff on the grounds of Hogwarts at night. Who knew what you could run into.

Aimee plopped down onto the couch next to Randy. She smiled his way and looked out into the party. Tons of people were dancing around, making out, and having a great time. It was wild. It was great. She saw a couple of her friends dancing with some guys. Another one of her friends was making out with some guy, that Aimee was pretty sure she hadn’t known him before tonight.

“So, how’s it going?” She said to Randy. “Crazy party, huh?”
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