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Randy Louis

Common Room at Night

Randy was laying on the Commonroom couch with his head phones over his ears and his loud G&R Greatest Hits was playing loudly. He was taking up the whole couch for no reason except for the fact that he could. He had his feet up on the couch taking up room reading a book that was his favorite book- The Godfather. It was his own copy and the cover was half torn and he read it all the time. Despite he knew most of the words by now. As he read he whispered the words to his Guns and Roses song.

[I]” She's got a smile that it seems to me Reminds me of childhood memories Where everything Was as fresh as the bright blue sky Now and then when I see her face She takes me away to that special place And if I stared too long I'd probably break down and cry Sweet child o' mine Sweet love of mine She's got eyes of the bluest skies As if they thought of rain I hate to look into those eyes And see an ounce of pain Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place Where as a child I'd hide And pray for the thunder And the rain To quietly pass me by Sweet child o' mine ”[/I]

He turned the page in his book singing along in a low quiet voice. He turned up his WizardCD player to the loudest. He noticed that others look at him- he knew they could hear his guitar songs but he didn’t care. They needed the exposure to the Muggle Guitar player known as Slash.
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Aimee laid on her bed in the Sixth Year’s Girl Dormitory. Her friends and her had been talking and gossiping about the party from last night. Almost all of her friends had hooked up with someone, including her. However, her twin sister, Allie, was no where to be found. When the conversation about the Shrieking Shack party came up, she split. It was obvious that she really wasn’t interested in talking about a party that she had hated. Aimee, on the other hand, had a great time. She always did at the parties at Hogwarts. Well, except for the incredibly lame or boring ones that you just had to leave because they were so dull. But, this one was great. Plus, she had scored with that really hot guy, Randy Louis. They had even talked about doing it again sometime…That was all good with her.

After several more minutes of gossiping and talking about the previous nights events, Aimee hopped of her bed, waved goodbye to her friends, and headed out of their dormitory. She wasn’t sure where she was going, or what she was going to do, but sometimes just walking around by herself was kind of nice. Lonely, but somehow nice.

She reached the end of the staircase and walked into the Common Room, she saw a few students studying in the corner, some other students talking quietly near the fireplace, and she saw someone feet dangling on the couch. As she walked by the couch, she took a quick peek to see who was taking up the whole couch. Oddly enough, it was Randy Louis. She grinned and walked over to him. She pulled of his headphones, crossed her arms, and grinned.

“You know, it’s not very nice to take up the whole couch…”
Randy was interrupted in the best part of the book- where Mike kills his brother in-law. It was always his favorite part. But he wasn’t disappointed with who was interrupting him. His head phones were still blaring as Slash was in the middle of his guitar solo in Paradice City. But Randy didn’t mind- a free ride was sitting in front of him. He smiled as he turned down his head phones so it was barley hearable.

He smiled playfully and moved a little on the couch pushing him into the back leaving little room for her. He folded the page in his book and set it down under the couch along with his music player. He looked her over again with lustful thoughts admiring her small body and curves that fitted so well with his the other night.

“Is that better?”
“Much better.”

She grinned and sat down on the couch next to him. She though of the previous night, and the lawn chair. It filled her mind with a bunch of thoughts of things that she wanted to do with him. Just being close to him made her want him. But, everything that she wanted to do, she couldn’t do where they were currently sitting. After all, there were about five other students hanging around in the Common Room, and who knew else could walk in. Teachers, Filch, there were tons of possibilities.

“So, how have you been lately…?”

Aimee smiled seductively and moved closer towards him, running her hand up his leg. She was kind of wondering sex appeal was working or if he was already over her and onto another girl. That was how it was with a lot of the students. Especially the ones who went to the parties and such. One day they were with one person, the next they were with someone totally different. It was crazy, but it was just a part of life for Aimee now.
He sighed and looked up at the ceiling like he was really thinking about how he was. He knew what he was- he was in the mood, hopped up, ready for action, ready to do the job. And her sitting there rubbing his leg wasn’t cooling the sensation in his lower area.

“Horney, yourself?”

He smiled playfully back at her seductive smile. He sat up more so he was no longer liein on his back, much like the other night. He grinned at the thought and ran his hands through his messy black hair and looked back at her and her blonde self.
She rolled her eyes and grinned. Hell, yeah. Of course she was. It was pretty much all she could think of at the moment. And, surprising, almost all she could think of since the previous night. Most guys didn’t have that affect on her. Usually she got over most guys pretty fast and moved onto the next one.

“Just a little…”

Aimee continued to run her hand down his leg, she knew what affect it was having on him, and she like that. She liked knowing and seeing that it was turning her on.

“So, you wanna get out of here?”

He rolled his eyes and sat up on the couch feeling the tempting feeling as she ran her hand up and down his leg. He liked it, not just cause it was flipping his switch, but because she was doing it. He liked the mystery about her and they way she presented it. He stood up noticing a few people that were studying watching them. He didn’t care, they could watch everything if they wanted.

“Don’t have to ask me twice…”
She grinned and stood up as well. She was aware of the audience they had that were watching them rather closely. It was a couple of fourth or fifth years were nosey and whispering about Aimee and Randy. Just to give a little more shock factor to the nosey students, she leaned in closely to Randy, pulling their bodies closer together. She smiled seductively at him and peeked at the students. They were now looking at them with surprise on their faces. It was pretty stupid, Aimee thought. They weren’t even doing anything. Not yet, at least.

“Where do you wanna go?”
“Do I look like I care?”

He smiled at her as she pulled him closer and grinned following along on her game he rapped on arm around her waist and grabbing her but. That got the reaction he wanted with the students. Just one more reasons he was growing more attracted to this girl. Besides the physical, and obvious, reasons. She had a slightly twisted mind like him. He whispered in her ear feeling her chest breathing up against his and grinned as she pulled his string along.

“Your so cruel…”
“I know. But, doesn’t that excite you? Just a little?”

Aimee grinned and went along with the game as his hand went down towards her butt. She leaned in close to him and kissed him. She couldn’t see the nosey students, but she knew that would have caught there attention. Reluctantly, she pulled away from him. They needed to find somewhere else to go…They couldn’t go to either of their dormitories because, most likely, they were full of their roommates. Where else? Something new and wild and exciting. An idea hit her, and she went with it.

Grabbing his hand, she led him out of the Common Room entrance and out into the corridor. She glanced up and down the corridor, trying to remember where she wanted it to go. She took a right and they ran down the corridor. Aimee took another right, and walked towards the door of a small storage room/closet. She looked up at Randy and grinned, then looked up and down the corridor, checking for students or teachers, then dragged him into the closet.
Randy licked his lips as he followed her into the closet closing the door behind them. He grinned and rapped his arms around her not wanting to wait another second, he didn’t think he could. He pulled her closer kissing her. It was different without the taste of beer on her breath. He pulled away and whisperd before kissing her again quickly fumbling with his own pants.

“I think I might like you.”

He grinned as he felt his pants go loose and drop. He listen as he heard her clothes do the same. It was pretty remarkable how fast they could strip down in a hurry. He fumbled with her shirt feeling the warmth of her body. Finally after fumbling with a million button he pulled her shirt of over her head admiring her body.
Aimee grinned. She wasn't expecting that. The whole 'I think I might like you thing'. It kind of freaked her out, at first, but then as she moved closer towards him, their hot, sweaty, naked bodies rubbing against each other, she felt like she might like him as well.

"I think I might like you too..."

She pulled him closer towards her, kissing him hard, running her hands throug his hair. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him closer and closer...
Randy crawled off her and picked up his shirt off of the ground. He slid it on and sat up on the work bench she had been lying on. He smiled at her and her crazy messed up blonde hair. He felt good, with the after sex emotions running through him. He pulled his jeans and nickers back up and tightened his belt.

He sat quietly as he watched Aimee put her clothes on admiring her body. He licked his lips tasting her lip gloss and wiped it off with his sleeve. When she was done and smiling brightly he felt the urge to smoke coming back. He didn’t do it often, but sometimes he just needed it. He reached in his pockets as she sat next to him in the place where they just did the job. He felt a small container that would look like a black sunglasses container, but it wasn’t. It was wear he stored this stuff. He pulled out a joint for Aimee and handed it to her without a second thought.


He handed the fresh joint to her and pulled his own out of his case and slid it back in his pocket. They were fresh and he had bought them from his friend’s own crisp stash. He pulled out his red silver lighter and lit his own holding the white paper roll between his lips. He watched her and held out the flame for her to light hers, he wasn’t sure if she would light her joint.
Aimee stared at the joint in Randy's hand. She wasn't sure if she should take it, or even if she wanted to take it. She had always thought that smoking and drugs and all of that was extremely disgusting, and she had never had any interest in it whatsoever. However, she really wanted to impress Randy. Peer pressure? Hell, yeah. She'd been offered joints before, and one time she had tried it, but she didn't like it so she didn't do it again. But, she hadn't been wanting to impress anyone then either.


She took the joint from his hand, a bit unsure how to smoke or what to do. After all, she had only done it once, so, she wasn't an expert at it. But, some of her friends had smoked a lot, so, she had an idea of how to do it.
Aimee put the joint between her lips, mimicking the way he had done it, he lit the joint and she inhaled deeply, resisting the urge not to cough or choke.
He grinned at her as she took the small role of paper. He put his lighter back into his pocket along with his case. He rolled the joint between his fingers as he blew out a slow breath of smoke. He felt himself relax and he felt a smile crawl across his face uncontrollably. He looked at Aimee a little confused about her and her twin. If you could even call her the twin. They were more like people who came from the same womb and that was the only thing in common.

“So what’s up with you and your sister. You guys seem like total opposites. I mean if you guys didn’t look so much alike- I would have never guessed…”

He thought it was cute, the way she looked when she smoked. It looked like she was trying so hard to do it right. He watched her try and smoke it like him and the way the tip of her eyes sagged a little. He tried not to laugh, maybe he was getting to loose from the smoke. He took another long puff and blew the smoke away from her. He looked back at her and lowered her hand with the join in it smiling, she needed to put less thought into it, it was just smoking.

“No, just relax, its not Quantum Physics.”
She mentally kicked herself at trying to hard. She hated it when she did that. Trying too hard to impress people...It was something she hated. She wanted to be herself. She leaned against the dirty, closet wall across from Randy, and tried to relax. She inhaled deeply, and blew the smoke out of her mouth. It was all wierd to her. Smoking, that is. It didn't taste or smell very good, but, for some reason, people got really addicted to it.

"We are so different. It's funny, actually."

It was true too. Allie and Aimee were complete opposites, well, except for the way they looked, and even then, their hair and eyes were different. But, it still wasn't a huge difference. Aimee liked to party and drink and have sex and have a good time. School came second in her life. She got good enough grades to pass, but it had never been a big deal to her. Allie, on the other hand, school came first, and parties hardly ever came at all. She thought to much about the consequences and what not. It alwasy prevented her from having any fun.

"Allie is cool and all, but she needs to loosen up, you know? All she thinks about is school, homework, and essays. She never has any fun."

Randy nodded a little. He sort of understood. But he was an only child. He didn’t have to effluence others and others didn’t influence him. He was his own and the only kid in his household. And he liked it that way, he got what he wanted when he wanted it. But they were like the same, how could they be so different if they had to grow up with each other.

“You would think you would rub off on her… Do you guys spend a lot of time together?”

He took another long drag from the reefer seeing as the smoke slowly filled the room. He smiled not really caring, But if a teacher did walk in they would so be busted. But that just seemed funny to him. He was starting to be on a high. And he liked it. It was so much more fun than not being on one- if that made any kind of sense.
Aimee smiled at him, starting to enjoy the joint for some odd reason. What did they call it? When people smoked too much and they got all funny...High? Who knew? Maybe she was getting high. There was a first for everything.

"We used to, when we were younger. But, when we came to Hogwarts, we both got our own friends and kind of drifted apart. We still hang out every now and then, but we have our own, separate lives. It's kind of sad, but, not surprising. We're just so different."

She thought back to when they first came to Hogwarts. It seemed so long ago. Allie and her had been so psyched when they first came to Hogwarts. They were going to study hard, but have a lot of fun at the same time. Pretty much, Aimee was just having a lot of fun, and Allie was just studying hard.
He laughed as he saw smoke come smoothly out her now that she had relaxed. He lifted his head up and amusingly tried to blow little smoke circles. He couldn’t do it but didn’t care. He was relax and his mind was going to a million places a million miles per hour. He was still trying to function what she had just said. He coughed as the tiny closet seemed to be filling more and more quickly.

“Your not different, your twins. Duh.”

He laughed at her and smiled. And then it hit- the munchies. He looked around the room like he expected a large plate to appear. But he wanted it all as he coughed a little more using his free hand to get the smoke out of his face. He held the joint in his mouth and then used both hands to it, but it not working. He looked back at her as he removed the joint blowing out the smoke out his nose.

“Im hungry, I want lunch meet, and some cake, and some potato chips, and cereal with orange juice…”

He smiled as he thought about all the foods he was suddenly crazy. He hadn’t ate lunchmeat in forever- at home he would eat it out of the zip lock case. But here it wasn’t that simple. They had real food here. And his cereal and orange juice, he hadn’t had that forever. But it was so good even though people thought he was a freak for it. He looked at her and smiled uncontrollably again. She was so fine- but he was hungry.

“Your hot, you know that? Damn fine…”
She smiled then laughed at his comments. He must be high, he was acting crazy. However, she felt a little different as well. It was a strange feeling. It was too hard to explain, as well, and she didn't feel like explaining it right now either. She just wanted to talk, laugh, and smoke. Aimee had always hated smoking, but now, oddly enough, she was beginning to enjoy it. A lot. Maybe she just hadn't give it a fair shot before. She took another long drag from the joint and blew out.

"Why thank you Randy Louis...You know, your not so bad yourself..."

She grinned and leaned against the wall. Food sounded good. Really good, in fact. She always hungry after she had sex. And something to drink sounded really good too...

"You wanna go get somethin' to eat then? I'm starvin' too."
Randy smiled and nodded hopping off of the bench. He leaned over and kissed her gently. She tasted weird and his lips felt weird. Or was that just his taste from the drugs? It didn’t matter. He looked around the room and started wave his hands around like that would actually make the smoke go away.

“Damn smoke…”

He held his joint in his mouth and felt helpless trying to fix it. He looked at Aimee helpless trying to get rid of the proof. Why was this so hard? He just wanted it to suck up.
She couldn't help but laugh at him. He was acting so strange and funny. And, for some reason, she couldn't stop laughing. It must have been the smoke that was making her act so crazy. She grabbed his arm, still laughing, and pulled him out of the enclosed closet. As they entered the corridor, she deeply breathed in the fresh air. Then, she remembered the joint which was still in her hand and the one in Randy's mouth.

"We should get rid of these..."

Then, she started laughing again. For no reason at all. There was nothing funny about what she had said or what they were doing. In fact, it was really stupid since they could get caught, but she couldn't stop laughing.
He smiled rapping his fingers in hers as they stumbled down the hall bumping into each other. They were laughing hard and loud. He leaned in closer and tried to be serious as he whispered loudly.

“Were gonna get so busted…”

He looked at the join in his hand and saw a knight’s armor. He walked over and open his helmet and put the joint carefully on it balancing it as he closed the face plate. It looked like he was smoking it now. Randy laughed and leaned up against Aimee, which wasn’t smart on account was he was so much taller and stronger than her.

“Look at em…”

He sucked in air for the night making sound affects. He laughed again choking on some spit and fell over missing Aimee. He laid on the ground laughing even harder than before.
Aimee started laughing again, and dropped on the ground next to him. She playfully pushed him and rolled her eyes. The joint was having a strange affect on her, but she liked it. It was like she was free or something. No worries. Not a care in the world and what not. It was nice. It was easy.

"What are you doing on the ground?"

She began laughing again and leaned against the wall, resting her head on the cold stone.

"I thought we were going to get food..."
He laughed at her and then sat up feeling vertigo he held his head. He smiled at her and then remembered the food mission they were on. He was hungry after all, he wanted some god damn cake. He looked back at the night in shinning armor smoking his joint. It was so funny seeing the little trail of smoke rise from him like he was really smoking it. He laughed and then it turned into a short giggle. He stopped himself and looked at Aimee.

“Did I just giggle?”

Randy laughed again at the thought of this huge strong guy laughing. He was embarrassed yet he thought it was so funny like he had seen it happen to another person. He saw that she still held her hand the joint. He wanted another smoke but his was in use. But they needed to stash it anyways. But Randy couldn’t think straight.

“Yeah, sorry I forget.”

He smiled and got up stumbling over his own weight but walked over to Aimee where she was leaning up against the wall. Randy held out his hand to help her up. And then he had a shot of genies. He pulled her up as he thought about what had just ran through his head.

“Did you know Randy rhymed with Brandy… like the drink… Wow- crazy.”
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