xandersonxtwinx (xandersonxtwinx) wrote in thispain,

Sixth Year Girl's Dormitory

Aimee laid on her back, on her bed, in her dormitory, staring up at the ceiling. She was still a bit shocked about the days previous events. Had she actually gotten high and done all of that stupid stuff? Just getting high in the first place was stupid. It was one thing she had always told herself that she wouldn't do. There were too many consequence. Oh great...Now she was starting to sound like Allie. Consequences. Whatever. But, in this case, there were consequences. Who knew what she could have done while she was high? Well, it was probably better than getting drunk...That really put things in perspective.

However, she still didn't like that she had fallen for peer pressure like that. Just to impress a hot guy, she would smoke and get high and do stupid stuff. It wasn't like she hadn't done it before, but, for some reason, this time, it bugged her. It was probably because, when she got high, she knew what was happening and what she was doing. Yet, she had no control over it. But, when she was drunk, she didn't know what she was doing, and, most likely, she wouldn't remeber it in the morning.

Maybe Aimee was hanging around Allie too much and thinking too much about consequences and what not. That thought bugged her. She had always thought of herself as a care-free and fun person...And, she was. Who cares about consequnces? All that matters is that I have fun while I am her, right? Aimee though. She rolled her eyes. Talk about paranoid.
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